March 14, 2014

Live, Give, Celebrate in March '14

It seems the consensus these days is that winter needs to be over -- way over! I know I feel that way (especially as I write this on the eve of yet another storm). I'm ready for warm sunshine, light jackets, and sandals! Until then, I will enjoy encouraging spring thru the store.

Spring has definitely sprung here -- new apparel is arriving daily. We gave an early preview to those who stopped by our Spring Style and Wellness event. What a great time we had! The good news for those who missed it is that there is plenty more apparel and accessories to go around! Uno de 50 was welcomed with open arms and Ginny's health tips were just what we needed to get our minds (and bodies) ready for spring.

Now that my buying season is winding down, I am happy to be back at the store full time. I'm so excited about all the new lines we found on our trips and I'm happy to say that we have so many great "made in the USA" brands joining us including many emerging artisans from Vermont to the Carolinas and from Maine to Oregon. On the apparel front, fans of Prairie Underground will be happy to know we are bringing in that fantastic line, along with Label and Thread, les 100 ciels (a French cashmere line at an affordable price!), Odd Molly (Sweden), Mystree, Hazel and our old faves like CP Shades, Sanctuary, Johnny Was, Weston and Michael Stars and Muse.

In the meantime, think spring -- our calendars say its only a week away! We know that the warm weather won't flip on with a switch on March 20, but it will be here soon. Until then, use these next couple of cooler, inclement weather days to get those procrastinated jobs like taking down the holiday wreaths and decorations, closet clean-outs and general spring cleaning done.

On a side note, thanks to all who voted for Anne during the Big Leap. She may not have won the contest but she certainly won our hearts -- from her daily posts on Facebook and just the fact that she kept such a positive attitude during such a stressful, busy time for her (she basically worked around the clock for about five weeks straight!). She will always be a winner in our book. Congrats Anne!

Read the rest of our March '14 Newsletter to learn about the tasty flavors in the Bella Cucina products, our excitement in introducing Tokyo Milk by Marge Elena, gorgeous beeswax candles from Green Tree Home, the perfect towelettes and Anne's amazing pizza recipe.

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